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Tea Party Boycotts Fox News For Being Too Liberal

Now this is a bizarre development: Tea Party members have decided to boycott Fox News because they feel the network has shifted too far to the left. From The Daily Beast: “Particularly after the election, Fox keeps turning to the … Continue reading

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Lifelong Democrat Changes Mind On Education Reform

If there is one thing I enjoy reading about, it’s when people change their minds because of new evidence, particularly when their social group or economic situation could keep them from doing so. Christopher Hitchens famously gave up Marxism, and … Continue reading

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Oliver Stone’s New Book is Just Horrible

Michael Moynihan rips Oliver Stone’s new “history” book to shreds in a new article. I have already posted my disdain for Stone’s ridiculous arguments, twice. Moynihan does it much better, however: The Untold History of the United States is a doorstop … Continue reading

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How Partisan Media Outlets Influence Our Leaders

John Avlon has a brilliant piece at The Daily Beast showing how highly partisan media outlets (Fox News, The Blaze, etc), think tanks (Heritage Foundation, AEI), and elected leaders are stuck in an endless feedback loop of confirmation bias and … Continue reading

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Meghan McCain Takes on the GOP’s Loss

In case you don’t know, Meghan McCain is the daughter of Senator John McCain. Since the defeat of her father in 2008, she has been an outspoken advocate of moderate conservatism. The far-right has attacked her for her moderate social … Continue reading

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Want an Honest Autopsy of the GOP Defeat?

I know I post a lot of David Frum here, however, its difficult to find this level of introspection on the right. I hope you will forgive me one more (until the next, of course). We’re going to see a … Continue reading

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Martin Amis Visits the RNC

The Daily Beast checks in with legendary novelist Martin Amis at the Republican National Convention. His thoughts on the crowd: Madamic good ole girls in scarlet ensembles, peanut-faced glozers in ambassadorial suits and ties, puns, rhymes, tinkertoy wordplay (“Give me liberty—not gimme, … Continue reading

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