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Tea Party Boycotts Fox News For Being Too Liberal

Now this is a bizarre development: Tea Party members have decided to boycott Fox News because they feel the network has shifted too far to the left. From The Daily Beast: “Particularly after the election, Fox keeps turning to the … Continue reading

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David Brooks: Tea Party Has Lost The Will To Fight

Skip to 9:00 for Brooks’ Tea Party comments, or watch the whole segment for a wider range of issues including drone policy.  

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Karl Rove Takes On The Tea Party

Yes, that Karl Rove. He is among many establishment Republicans who are trying to rid themselves of the crazy and unelectable candidates that the Tea Party has put forth. Mother Jones reports: No more Todd Akins. No more Richard Mourdocks. No more Republican primaries … Continue reading

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What Have Moderate Republicans Ever Achieved?

Quite a bit, according to David Frum, when compared to their far-right contemporaries. First of all, they were actually winning elections with votes, not rigging the game: In the six presidential elections of 1968 through 1988, the GOP averaged 52.5% … Continue reading

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How To Build A Better Republican Party

David Brooks’ new column calls for dramatic reform with the Republican party. He begins by explaining the main narrative of the post-Goldwater GOP: the Encroachment narrative. Since Barry Goldwater, the central Republican narrative has been what you might call the … Continue reading

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When Did The GOP Become Lousy At Politics?

From a purely political viewpoint, Republicans have dominated the political world for most of my voting life. I have always thought of them as politically superior to the hapless Democrats. They always seemed to be more organized, had better talking … Continue reading

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John Boehner, The Most Underrated Person In Washington?

Ross Douthat, writing for The New York Times seems to think so. As a matter of fact he does us one better, arguing that Boehner is an “American hero.” I don’t know about that, but as Douthat points out, Boehner has … Continue reading

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