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Is Training Children For Militia Duty Child Abuse?

Reuters has featured a very disturbing article and photo gallery that shows parents training their children for militia duty. These people feel that the federal government is moving towards socialism and gun confiscation. They have taken it upon themselves to prepare … Continue reading

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Joe Biden: “Buy A Shotgun” Instead Of An AR-15

In a recent interview, Joe Biden gave a bit home defense advise to a Facebook questioner, “Kate, if you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun, have the shells, a 12-gauge shotgun.” He turned to the advise he gave … Continue reading

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The Problem With Assault Weapons Bans

As I have pointed out before, the problem with banning ‘assault weapons’ lies with the difficulty in defining one in the first place. Many firearms are not considered assault weapons legally speaking, but in practical terms only differ from assault … Continue reading

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Gun Owners Don’t Realize They Agree With Obama

For the record, I am a gun owner who is in favor of increased gun control. I do not look at the government as my enemy and I do not fear a totalitarian dictator usurping the Presidency, as the NRA and its … Continue reading

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Assault Weapons Ban Probably Dead For Now

It looks like the assault weapons ban is not going to happen. The 60 votes that are required to pass anything in the Senate are just not there. The Senate will vote on the bill, but it will be defeated … Continue reading

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Fox News Takes On The NRA

Wayne LaPierre’s interview today on Fox News Sunday got pretty heated today. Chris Wallace pressed LaPierre on his opposition to background checks as well his now infamous video attacking President Obama’s children. The Huffington Post has a partial transcript: At the end … Continue reading

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Record Holding Navy Seal Sniper Killed in Gun Range Attack

Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal sniper with the most recorded kills is US military history and the author of American Sniper, has been killed in an attack at a Texas gun range. Dallas News has the story: Chris Kyle, a … Continue reading

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