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Colorado Creationism Bill Dies In Comittee

Another attempt to treat superstition as the equivalent of science has failed to pass a state legislature. This time, Colorado state Republicans tried, and failed, to pass a law that would teach creationism and deny global warming in public schools. Huffington Post … Continue reading

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How Would a Libertarian Address Climate Change?

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Why Natural Gas Fights Climate Change More Than Renewables… For Now

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Fracking: A Weapon Against Global Warming

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a controversial issue to say the least. Opponents fear ecological damage and advocates point to energy independence and economic benefits. One often overlooked benefit of fracking is the increased use of natural gas. Natural gas when burned … Continue reading

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Should We Replace the Payroll Tax With a Carbon Tax?

A very interesting idea came out from The New Yorker today, one that supported a carbon tax but then went a bit further: using the carbon tax to replace the payroll tax. Before we get to that, lets go over … Continue reading

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