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Why Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Are Wrong

In case you missed it, today the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against same-sex marriage. Based on today’s hearing, the Court could decide that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right. No matter what the court decides (it will … Continue reading

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Colorado Passes Same Sex Union Bill

Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law a bill legalizing civil unions for gay Coloradans. From The New York Times: The law makes Colorado the 18th state to allow gay marriage or some form of same-sex union, and its signing comes … Continue reading

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Jon Huntsman: Gay Marriage Is A Conservative Cause

Jon Huntsman could be the man to save the GOP from itself. His new op-ed at The American Conservative is an absolute must read. Not only does he express his own support for marriage equality, he gives conservatives everywhere the much needed … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney, Colin Powell Featured In Pro-Gay Marriage Campaign

Huffington Post reports on a new ad scheduled to run this Sunday: The Respect for Marriage Coalition, a group that supports same-sex marriage, is launching a $1 million ad campaign featuring clips of political figures from both sides of the aisle, including President … Continue reading

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George Will: “Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying”

UPDATED: A reader correctly pointed out that George Will was not making a Supreme Court prediction, but was explaining the shift in public opinion. Original Post: George Will predicts that the Supreme Court will be influenced by the 2012 elections, … Continue reading

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France: Less Progressive Than America?

Well, well, well, how the tables have turned, France. For years now, the world has made fun of Americans for being ignorant, unsophisticated, fat, lazy, and intolerant. Now its your turn to have the worst of your population in the global … Continue reading

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Change 2012: Gay Rights and Legalized Marijuana

At the Federal level, the election delivered much of the same: Obama is President, Democrats control (as much as they can) the Senate, and Republicans retained the House. At the state level, however, voters ushered in some important changes. Gay rights advocates … Continue reading

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