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Tea Party Boycotts Fox News For Being Too Liberal

Now this is a bizarre development: Tea Party members have decided to boycott Fox News because they feel the network has shifted too far to the left. From The Daily Beast: “Particularly after the election, Fox keeps turning to the … Continue reading

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David Frum: The Conservative Media Is Killing Conservatism

Once again the right-wing media/entertainment complex has reported rumor as truth. This time, according to David Frum in his new National Post column, the mistake is overshadowing real world concerns about Chuck Hagel’s nomination to Secretary of Defense: On February 7, … Continue reading

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Fox News Fires Dick Morris

Fox News is surprisingly looking more like an actual news network and less of a propaganda outlet lately. After dumping Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin they have also decided to get rid of the worst pundit in all of news, Dick … Continue reading

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What Was Conservatism Like Before Fox News?

David Frum dishes on what is wrong with conservatism today. Spoiler Alert: its Fox News.

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Fox News Mistakes Carbon Tax for Cap and Trade

Looking for more evidence that Fox News makes you dumb? Here you go.

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Have Karl Rove and Dick Morris Been Blacklisted At Fox News?

Well, more like benched, for now. Rove and Morris made complete fools of themselves this election. Morris, in keeping with his “worst pundit in the world” image, admitted he is a shill for GOP propaganda. Rove’s spectacular crash and burn … Continue reading

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Fox News is Killing American Conservatism

Andrew Sullivan’s latest Fox News take down is a must read. He takes issue with Fox not just attacking or dismissing its critics, it’s airbrushing them out of existence to use Sullivan’s words. What happened in the Bush-Cheney years was a ruthless … Continue reading

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