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How Accurate Is Your Favorite Pundit? (Or: How Bad Is Dick Morris?)

My friend Brian sent me a great website, PunditTracker, that tracks and scores pundits’ ability to make accurate predictions. They track pundits’ specific predictions in finance, politics, and sports, let you vote on how accurate you think the prediction was, then score … Continue reading

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Fox News Fires Dick Morris

Fox News is surprisingly looking more like an actual news network and less of a propaganda outlet lately. After dumping Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin they have also decided to get rid of the worst pundit in all of news, Dick … Continue reading

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Have Karl Rove and Dick Morris Been Blacklisted At Fox News?

Well, more like benched, for now. Rove and Morris made complete fools of themselves this election. Morris, in keeping with his “worst pundit in the world” image, admitted he is a shill for GOP propaganda. Rove’s spectacular crash and burn … Continue reading

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Select-a-Pundit: Who Should Call it Quits?

Rod Dreher writing at The American Conservative has begun to create his “Dubya List:” those in punditry that should, like George W. Bush, mercifully remove themselves entirely from the public sphere. Dick Morris is a conservative figure who really ought … Continue reading

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Former Fox News Producer: “This is All a Farce”

Joe Muto, a former Fox News producer, appeared on HuffPost Live today, dishing out some insider secrets from his time at the network: “The people at Fox are not stupid,” he said. “They know when they have Dick Morris or … Continue reading

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