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Mind Blowing Video Of Exploding Glass Filmed With A High Speed Camera

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The Story Of Our Planet In Two Minutes

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Could Machines Make Discoveries No Human Could Possibly Understand?

An article at Slate floats a fascinating question: “what happens when machines are so powerful they can make discoveries no human could possibly understand?” What would the implications be if (or when) we reach that point? But what if it were possible … Continue reading

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Never Let The Internet Pick The Name For Something In Space

When you allow the internet to vote on what to name something in space, lets say a moon of Pluto, expect something to stupid to happen. Well that’s exactly what the SETI institute decided to do. They are goinf to … Continue reading

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This Solar Flare Video From NASA Will Melt Your Brain


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Can Genetically Modified Food Save Millions Of Lives?

Slate has posted a compelling case for genetically modified foods. In the last 12 years, over 8 million children have died of vitamin A deficiency. The culprit is white rice, itself a result of ancient genetic engineering, and its lack of vitamin A. Three billion … Continue reading

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Meat Industry Now Uses 80% Of Nation’s Antibiotics

If there ever was a headline that could get you to check the labels on your food, it’d be this one. The Pew Charitable Trust has a new infographic out, using FDA data, that shows the sheer volume of antibiotics … Continue reading

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