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The Vatican Gets Its Own 80s TV Series

I’ve taken a short break from blogging, but this was too funny not too post!

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How To Become Pope

There is a job opportunity available for you, if you’re interested.

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Lest We Forget The Scandals This Pope Leaves Behind

Today Pope Benedict IV (aka Joeseph Raztinger) announced his impending resignation, the first of any pope since the 15th century, citing physical weakness and exhaustion. While I have no doubt this may be the proximal cause of his resignation, I ask … Continue reading

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Colorado Creationism Bill Dies In Comittee

Another attempt to treat superstition as the equivalent of science has failed to pass a state legislature. This time, Colorado state Republicans tried, and failed, to pass a law that would teach creationism and deny global warming in public schools. Huffington Post … Continue reading

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Saudi Cleric’s Order: Babies Must Wear Burkas

There is controversy brewing in Saudi Arabia over the burka, the traditional veil that covers a woman’s face and body. Sheikh Abdullah Daoud made the comments in an interview on the Islamic TV network  Al-Majid TV six months ago, but the video … Continue reading

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What Is Skepticism?


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The Doomed Attempt To Rebrand The Word, “Jihad”

Its no secret that Muslims in the West face a certain amount of discrimination and are often stereotyped as outsiders or even terrorists. There are many attempt to reduce bigotry towards Muslims, but a new one has caught the attention … Continue reading

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