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Is Small Business Overrated?

I’ve written before in praise of the medium sized business, but what about small business? We Americans have an almost mythical relationship with small business. The importance of small business is one of the few things that transcends left and right. We … Continue reading

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Over The Fiscal Cliff: Big Business Will Turn Against Small Business

Time’s Scott Gerber predicts some of the fallout from going over the fiscal cliff: big business will turn against small business in order to survive. This Hobbesian business climate is not hard to imagine: Big businesses will need to hedge their … Continue reading

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Start A Business: Buy Government Surplus

Bloomberg Businessweek showcases an interesting way the government can assist start-ups: selling government surplus. Entrepreneurs can purchase just about anything needed to start a business at steep discounts: Chesapeake Bay waterman Doug West had been pining for a second boat for his … Continue reading

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