Glenn Beck: Bachmann Ethics Probe A Muslim Plot

Oh, this it too good. In case you missed it, Michelle Bachmann is currently facing an ethics probe for possibly violating campaign finance laws. To rational minded people, the reasons for this probe can range from legitimate to purely politically motivated. In reality it’s surely both.

In Glenn Beck’s mind, the most probable conclusion is that this investigation is an elaborate Muslim Brotherhood plot to smear Bachmann. Apparently Muslim Brotherhood spies have infiltrated the US government and are now targeting Bachmann for her opposition to radical Islam in Minnesota. Oh, and George W. Bush is also a stooge for the Muslim Brotherhood. Or something like that.

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6 Responses to Glenn Beck: Bachmann Ethics Probe A Muslim Plot

  1. uberspeck says:

    I have to admit, I’m anxiously awaiting the moment he experiences a full psychotic break and has to be hauled off and restrained for the protection of himself and others. Ideally, all on camera…

  2. Oy vey! How can humanity possibly survive if a sizable portion of the population gives any credence to such a deranged notion? If there are extraterrestrials watching us, they must be either disgusted or laughing their asses off.

  3. john zande says:

    Ubaclear, ubaclear…. ubaclear i tell you!

  4. Barneysday says:

    A wing nut like Beck defending a wing nut like Bachman says it all.

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