Execution By Stoning Explained

The National Post investigates Iran’s regulations surrounding the practice of stoning. In this case, stoning is used as a punishment for adultery.


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10 Responses to Execution By Stoning Explained

  1. imalert says:

    Hard to believe our western politicians suck up to the perpetrators of these barbaric practises, by not condemning the Islamic ideology these people follow and preventing its spread. Sickening Western world Appeasement , I’ve seen it all to often.

  2. I never imagined that they dug a hole and put the person in it and bound them. I always imagined stoning more as chasing somebody out of town while throwing rocks at them. If the person could at least flee into exile it wouldn’t be nearly as bad. But they are attacking a completely defenseless individual which makes it even more sickening.

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