The Minimum Wage, From 1928 To Now

CNN Money/Fortune

CNN Money/Fortune

CNN Money has a short post about the history of the minimum wage. The chart shows real dollars, and the adjusted for inflation amount. As you can see, the purchasing power of the minimum wage is down quite a bit from the 1968 high.

Not only does the US underpay when compared to itself, we also underpay compared to many other advanced nations. Foreign Policy has an excellent article showing that the US underpays its lowest workers when compared to other advanced nations.

More on the pros and cons of the minimum wage here and here.

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One Response to The Minimum Wage, From 1928 To Now

  1. FLPatriot says:

    Interesting how the Foriegn Policy article excludes China from it’s calculation. I thought the left loves the way China’s economy is growing, at least VP Biden does.

    Besides, the minimum wage is a rabbit trail. I havn’t made minimum wage since I was 18. If you are at a minimum wage position for more than a year you’re doing something wrong, go find another job.

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