Joe Arpaio’s ‘Posse’ Accepted Criminals, Including Sex Offenders

joe-arpaio-06-29-12-cropped-proto-custom_28Infamous Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, taking the NRA’s suggestion of armed guards in schools to the extreme, has accepted over 3,000 volunteers as members of his ‘posse.’ Arpaio’s objective is to provide the armed guards to local schools, although not a single school has actually requested any.

One would think that having Steven Seagal come out for some ambiguous training/publicity purpose would be the low point in this silly endeavor, but sadly, that will probably go down as the high point. Local news station KBHO has uncovered that Arpaio’s posse includes individuals with criminal records:

Arpaio wants his army of 3,000 volunteer posse members to look like sworn deputies and sometimes perform the same duties. But an in-depth project by CBS 5 Investigates uncovered a number of posse members with arrests for assault, drug possession, domestic violence, sex crimes against children, disorderly conduct, impersonating an officer – and the list goes on.

Its time Arpaio put an end to this sad spectacle before things get even worse.

Oh, and if you thought I was joking about the Steven Seagal thing…behold:

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9 Responses to Joe Arpaio’s ‘Posse’ Accepted Criminals, Including Sex Offenders

  1. johnhaskell says:

    This was one problem I had w/ having volunteers working as security at schools . . . who would be one class of people likely to want to be in a school w/ children and have a gun? Um . . .

  2. Vigilantes, the desert flower of the American Southwest?

  3. Sheriff Joe gets crazier every year. I spent the first 26yrs of my life in Phoenix and there are things I like about Sheriff Joe. I like tent city, I like him send the feds bills for keeping immigration offender in his jail. I even liked when he tried arresting illegal immigrants on trespassing charges, I don’t think it was the right route but it pushed the issue so that maybe the feds would do something.

    But now he is just nucking futs. His obsession with Obama’s birth certificate and crap like that was ridiculous. Now he is training sex offenders to work in schools, that is absolutely brilliant. We will keep our kids safe from a mass shooting that likely won’t even happen by putting sex offenders in our schools with our children.

  4. uberspeck says:

    So, i guess the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is…another bad guy with a gun? 😉

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