Assault Weapons Ban Probably Dead For Now

_DSC2759It looks like the assault weapons ban is not going to happen. The 60 votes that are required to pass anything in the Senate are just not there. The Senate will vote on the bill, but it will be defeated as no Republican Senators will support it.

This doesn’t mean that all gun control measures are doomed, though. Truly universal background checks will probably occur. A Federal Trafficking bill is also likely to pass. The banning of high capacity magazines is also still on the table.

This is not the past time we are going to hear about assault weapons bans, though. Newtown changed the political landscape. It changed minds, mine included.

More on gun control here.

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6 Responses to Assault Weapons Ban Probably Dead For Now

  1. From the Libertarian– banning ‘assault’ rifles becuase they look ‘military’ in the wake of these shootings is equivalent to outlawing sports cars because of the 32,367 highway deaths last year–the sports cars look ‘fast’

    • The funny thing is we do ban certain sports cars. The whole concept of ‘street legal’ comes to mind.

      Cars are also registered, require licencing, training classes, and all sales are reported to the state so registration can transfer owners. Insurance is also required to own and operate one. Some states like Colorado also require an emissions test performed.

      I’d love it if guns were as regulated as cars! Thanks for stopping by!

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