The Republican Plan To Steal Our Elections

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Republican presidential candidates have lost the popular election in five of the last six elections. As demographics change in the US, this trend will only get worse for them; there are only so many old, white voters as it is. They have lost our cities for generations to come. They have lost minorities for generations to come. Things do not look good for the GOP.

After the 2012 defeat, conservatives are asking themselves, “How can the GOP come back?” Some, like David Frum, have advocated moderation. He feels the GOP must find a way to modernize, culturally and ideologically. They should find out what voters want and come up with solutions to their problems.

Others have just decided to steal elections. Plain and simple. The GOP currently has the majority in the House of Representatives even though they did not receive the majority of Congressional votes. This was achieved through gerrymandering: over the past few years congressional district lines have been redrawn to ensure Democratic voters are clustered together ensuring more GOP congressmen represent fewer voters.

The 2012 election featured the fewest amount of swing districts in 100 years. The red districts are redder than ever, as are the blue. It’s a form of political segregation, and is the direct result of redistricting.

Now the GOP has set their sights higher: they plan to change rules that would steal the Presidential vote. Their plan is simple: electoral college votes would be given to the candidate who wins the most districts (already gerrymandered, mind you) instead of the popular vote, within a state. The states targeted are, as you would expect, key swing states: Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

If these plans were enacted prior to the 2012 election, Mitt Romney would have won the Presidency 271-267 while losing the popular vote by 5 million.

This has nothing to do with left vs right. It is right vs wrong. Some Republicans have already spoken out against these plans, to their immense credit. We need more to do so. The GOP will never be a party ready to accept the responsibility of governance if they keep on playing games like these.

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6 Responses to The Republican Plan To Steal Our Elections

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  2. IMHO, the conservative surge of the last couple of decades was rooted in the “culture wars”, a movement more of tribalism than pragmatic coalitions, culminating in the quasi-religious fervor of the Tea Party and Randians like the Pauls, and exploited by clever strategists like Karl Rove and Roger Ailes.

    Politics is the art of marrying public ideology with private agendas, and the money that backed the movement was very comfortable with even the most extreme elements of its ideology.

    But the ideology has to adjust if the GOP is to reach outside movement conservatives and build winning coalitions. This may not square well with some of their current financial backers, so this has to change as well.

    And it will. A party that wins nearly half the popular vote is an asset that will not be abandoned.

    • I think efforts like this gerrymandering scheme are, to a certain degree, ways to avoid changing. Like you, I am optimistic of change within the GOP, but I can’t see how its accomplished in the near term. It’ll probably get a bit worse before it gets better.

      Thanks for your comment. I think your observations are spot on.

  3. Kamil, of Outspoken, had blogged about this the other day. I agree with you that this is pretty ridiculous. I’m glad some have spoken out against this.

    I’d like to point out that redistricting is not uncommon. In my home state of Illinois, we just saw a Democratic-led Congress redistrict. They combined traditional Republican districts in order to see incumbents knock one out. They made it so that there was no chance Republicans could overtake their majority in this past election. I just want to point out that this has happened and happens with Democrats as well.

    As for the election, you know that I am in favor of ridding the electoral college. The victor should be based on the popular vote.

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