What Exactly Is The Debt Ceiling?

My stance is that the debt ceiling ought to be eliminated. Click here for that post. We are the only country that has this arcane procedure. We are also the only country that constantly flits with self imposed destruction by irresponsible ideologues in our own legislative body.


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One Response to What Exactly Is The Debt Ceiling?

  1. We need to do one of two things with the debt ceiling, either eliminate it or make it meaningful. Eliminating it is probably the best idea because it seems unnecessary to approve paying bills that were already legislated. The other choices is to make it meaningful. The best way I can see is to restrict Congress from appropriating any funds that would take us over the debt ceiling. That is to literally deny Congress the power to appropriate when they do not have the room in the debt ceiling to pay for those appropriations. Now the second option would be far more difficult because Congress never wants to restrict their power. So eliminating the debt ceiling all out seems the most prudent action.

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