Hillary Clinton’s Senate Hearing Got A Little Heated

Jon Huntsman and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinsky (amoung others) have called the attacks on Hillary Clinton politically motivated. The State Department is a huge bureaucracy. Would you really want the Secretary of State and the President wasting their time reviewing security at every embassy around the world? Of course not. That happens way down the totem pole, and for good reason. You want the Secretary of State and the President handling the hard decisions. Security is is a straightforward call.

I want the highest levels of government spending their time on whether or not to intervene in Syria, not assigning security guards.

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5 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Senate Hearing Got A Little Heated

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  2. Of course it is purely political, it occurred during an election. The facts don’t matter at that point because there is an election underway, after the fact they have to keep it up for consistency’s sake. I actually wrote a paper on “The Innocence of Muslims”, the Benghazi attack and the Cairo protests along with all the protests that erupted in response. In doing this I spent an inordinate amount of time reading news articles, specifically the earliest new articles. My focus was on Sept 11 – 15 and I primarily read articles that were published at that time. The simple fact is most thought that there was a protest there. That is reported by NPR, AP, NY Times, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Egypt Independent and more. This was the information available in the first days. In fact I spent many hours trying to find out when the protest started in Benghazi and how many people were involved as I had done for the Cairo incident. Though most sources said there were protestors or rioters in Benghazi none could give an account of the number or when it started.

    Another part that bothers me with this is the focus on attributing Benghazi to the film. Yes it was not correct but did anybody pay attention that the film caused protests in more than 50 countries resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. This included the deaths of 2 marines. But nobody cares about those two because they weren’t in Benghazi. It irritates me that those 4 people are so so important. While at the same time the film actually did spark major protests, deaths, injuries and damage to 6 embassies / consulates.

    Beyond that how much time do you think Clinton or Obama have to review the security of every embassy and consulate? Take a look at the link bellow see about how many consulates and embassies the US has around the world. There is no way high level officials can spend their time dealing with the minutia of every embassy and consulate.


    Finally the Benghazi consulate was attacked with RPGs and mortars by a number of people. So how much security is expected to be there? Critics make it sound like we should have a standing army in each embassy and consulate. The fact is we can’t have too many people in every one. There is a limit to how armed you can make a consulate or embassy. What would it have taken to repel this attack without any casualties?

    • Well, it sounds like you’re well versed on this topic. You should write an article about this on your site. Its a hot topic; I’d bet you’ll get some good traffic.

      At any rate, great comment. Thanks for adding to this!

  3. Barneysday says:

    This is purely gotcha’ politics, having nothing to do with the state department, and everything to do with Republicans attacking the administration. Has any one heard the Republicans commentating that they had previously cut the security budget?

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