Memo To The NRA: Obama’s Children Are Off Limits

The NRA stooped to a new low today by using President Obama’s children in an attack ad.

Joe Scarborough argued in a recent op-ed that the NRA and other extremists are hurting the GOP:

As a longtime supporter of the Second Amendment, I had hoped their executives and lobbyists would not take an absolutist position on the issue since that would ultimately set back the cause of gun rights. Unfortunately, Mr. LaPierre chose to respond as if it were 1994.

As we predicted, his extreme position has now cost NRA leaders political support. A new ABC News/Washington Post  shows that for the first time in years, a majority of Americans now support a ban on certain types of assault weapons.  An overwhelming majority back universal background checks, a national database to track gun sales, and the banning of high-capacity magazines.

More to the point of our earlier warning, the NRA’s own approval rating has plummeted since LaPierre’s tone-deaf news conference.  It is hard to imagine how the NRA’s worst enemy could have done more damage to the organization than the out-of-touch leader is doing himself.

The NRA needs to self-correct before they do more damage to their cause.

The NRA has every right express themselves, but please, keep Obama’s kids out of it. People are sick of this. Note how the attack ad doesn’t actually address Obama’s ideas, it merely attacks the man himself. It also gets one important fact wrong: Obama’s own task force has recommended $4 billion in federal funding to offset the cost of armed guards or police for schools.

For a more in depth deconstruction of the NRA’s arguments, go to David Frum’s newest piece.

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5 Responses to Memo To The NRA: Obama’s Children Are Off Limits

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  2. john zande says:

    Sick fuckers… excuse the language.

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