Armed Guard At Today’s School Shooting Did Not Stop Attacker

s-TAFT-HIGH-SCHOOL-SHOOTING-largeSo much for the NRAs grand idea to spend taxpayer money on armed guards at every school in America. Today a 16 year old walked into a classroom with a 12 gauge shotgun and started firing. Taft Union High School in Taft, CA employed an armed guard, but he didn’t stop the shooter. He was “snowed in.”

Words, not a “good guy with a gun,” stopped this would be killer. A brave teacher and a campus supervisor were able to talk the shooter into surrendering his weapon. One teacher had a minor pellet wound, but a student was shot in the chest and is now in critical condition.

Perhaps the NRA would like to explain how armed guards protect kids when they’re not present. Or in the bathroom. Or otherwise occupied. What if the police officer is called away to other emergencies? By not addressing the root issue: the ease in which anyone can acquire firearms, we are left to ponder these loopholes in the NRAs plan.

The NRA is fond of the argument, “criminals will always find a way to kill,” to defend their position of unlimited access to guns. Background checks? Criminals will buy on the black market. Magazine limits? They’ll just reload. Assault weapons bans? They’ll just use another weapon? Because gun rights advocates ideas do not solve all violence they are worthless, according to the NRA. Perfect has become the enemy of good, or in this case the excuse for inaction.

I wonder how the NRA will respond now that their own idea’s weakness has been exposed.

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10 Responses to Armed Guard At Today’s School Shooting Did Not Stop Attacker

  1. Alastor says:

    This story may help your case:

    The producer of popular gun-enthusiast YouTube channel was found shot to death in his office, surrounded by a veritable arsenal of military hardware.

    • I saw that. It’s a sad story. I actually enjoy those videos too. Personally, I’m not anti-gun at all. I’m pro gun control. I don’t see those two as opposed necessarily.

      Thanks for your comment and link. I hope you stop back soon.

  2. People in support of gun ownership rights often say “guns don’t kill people, people do”. however, if that person doesn’t have a gun, they’re not going to do half as much damage.

  3. No problem. I like it when people do that on my blog too. No sense in digging trenches if you can’t see where the enemy’s fighting from!

  4. But wait… you said he was snowed in. So there was no armed guard at the school. That’s hardly a referendum on the NRA.

    • The point I was trying to make was their idea is not perfect, but they demand perfection of gun control advocates’ ideas.

      “An armed guard at every school” will not stop these shootings, as this demonstrated. It might reduce them, but so could gun control. They reject ideas because they won’t stop all crime, but neither does their idea.

      • It does if it’s put into practice. It may be splitting hairs, and I can see where you’re going here as well, but the NRA could just as easily say that if the guard had been there, he would’ve stopped the kid before anyone was hurt.

      • I see what you’re getting at. I’d respond like I did in my article. What happens when the guard is away? Or in the bathroom? Or across campus? With an AR-15 and a 100 round drum magazine, a shooter could kill dozens before the guard even reacts.

        The NRAs idea is imperfect, like many gun control ideas. That’s the whole point of what I’m trying to say. I appreciate you pushing me on this, though. It helps me think through these issues when someone challenges my ideas.

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