Chris Christie On 2016: “You’re damn right I’d be more ready.”


AP Photo. By BOBBY CERVANTES has a great interview with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. It’s an interview that covers many topics, but of course everyone wants to start talking about 2016, so here we go:

Would he be more ready than he was when a chorus of Republican donors urged him to seek the 2012 GOP nomination?

“Yeah, you’re damn right I’d be more ready,” Christie said.

After all the campaigning he did for Mitt Romney in 2012, he has learned some important lessons about the nature of the Presidential campaign:

He recalled with relish a 12,000-person Mitt Romney rally last year in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

“I was jazzed. I was like, okay, here we go. And Romney could tell,” Christie said.

“At one point, I just turned to him and said, ‘This is amazing.’ And he looked back at me and said, ‘You’re excited.’ ”

Although Christie enjoys the spotlight, he says there’s room for improvement.

“In the end, what I’ve learned is that there’s still a lot for me to learn,” he said. “And I can get better”.

The straight-talking Christie says he can become a better communicator. He admires how Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy used humor while speaking.

“Those moments of when you show your sense of humor . . . it allows people to see into you a little bit,” he said.

“I think that helps as a leader because if they think they know you, there’s a better chance that they’ll trust you. And if they trust you, they’ll follow you.”

Now that the 2016 election part is out of the way, we dive into the other topics in the article. Hurricane Sandy is a prominent topic:

And the Sandy experience, Christie added, changed him, proving it is okay to show emotion to the residents of your state when they are beaten down.

“I will tell you that I’m more emotional than I’ve been probably early in the governorship,” he said.

“I mean, sadness and loss touches me more and more deeply than it did before . . . I’m supposing that’s a result of just all the sadness and loss that I saw up so close, holding these people and having them cry on my shoulder.”

Images of gutted homes teetering on crumbled foundations and a submerged Seaside Heights roller coaster will forever be Sandy icons — as will photos of Christie touring flood-damaged areas with President Obama days before the election.

Christie is capable of becoming a major political force in the future. His major obstacle, ironically, will be his own party. Christie is, despite all his bluster and bravado, a moderate and honest conservative. He will disappoint the far right, as he did when he complimented President Obama on his Hurricane Sandy support. Getting through the GOP primaries will be his major challenge.

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4 Responses to Chris Christie On 2016: “You’re damn right I’d be more ready.”

  1. I don’t think he will have a problem in his party. There was a big push for him last time. I like him more now than back then.

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