Crazy Guy From Piers Morgan Interview Gets Crazier

Now he claims New York City Mayor Bloomberg is trying to kill him. He thinks the NYPD will hire the mafia to put a hit on him, or something like that.

John Avlon has a good piece over at The Daily Beast about this loon. He has written about him in his book Wingnuts.

Alex Jones’s syndicated radio show and his websites Prison Planet and Info Wars are a clearinghouse of conspiracy theories from 9/11 to the New World Order—and a home to unhinged Hatriots eager for “information” they can’t get elsewhere. A self-described paleo-conservative and “aggressive constitutionalist,” Jones is so far right he’s left, establishing himself at the vanguard of fright-wing politics.

“The answer to 1984 is 1776!” is a typical battle cry that endears him to the Hatriots. During the administration of George W. Bush, Jones eagerly advanced the idea that the Bush administration and bankers were behind the destruction of the World Trade Center (with companion DVDs for sale). Now that Obama is in office, a whole new cottage industry of hate has opened up: He’s selling semi-slick productions with titles like The Fall of the Republic and The Obama Deception, which are passed on like Grateful Dead bootlegs among the Hatriot underground. The pitch is always apocalypse, telling viewers “the last vestiges of our free republic are being swept away … the destiny of humanity is in our hands.” The common ground is opposition to the federal storm troopers he sees as trying to impose one-world government on the few remaining patriots left. When police in Pittsburgh engaged in modest riot-control measures at a 2009 G-20 summit, Jones was ready to climb the ramparts, referring to the police as “complete enemies of America … Our military’s been taken over … This is the end of our country … They’d love to kill 10,000 Americans …The republic is falling right now.”

This guy, if isolated, would be amusing. Because he has a following, and his ideas are shared by a heavily armed segment of the population, amused is not how I feel right now.

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4 Responses to Crazy Guy From Piers Morgan Interview Gets Crazier

  1. john zande says:

    I LOVED watching him lose it last night. Couldn’t get a better advertisement for why gun control is so bloody vital! Mission Accomplished!

  2. Brian says:

    This nut bar is a poster child for much that’s wrong with this country. Right-wing, conspiratorial delusions at their finest. Wow.

    • I love how self-important this guy is. He thinks his views “shake the system” so much that they’d want to kill him. What a raging narcissist.

      He doesn’t realize how insignificant he is. Why anyone would spend effort on silencing this guy is beyond me.

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