Another Massacre in Aurora

For those of who who don’t know, I live in Aurora, Co. I had attempted to get tickets to the showing where the mass shooting happened so these shootings hit me hard when they happen.

Today, we saw another tragic shooting. Four are dead, including the shooter. My girlfriend’s son’s father and step-mother live two block from this new shooting. They could hear the shots being fired.

The Denver Post has the full story:

Four people were killed this morning including a gunman who held police at bay for several hours in an Aurora townhome.

Aurora SWAT team members shot the gunman after he went to a second-floor window and fired a gun at police.

The gunman fatally shot two men and a woman, police say. One woman jumped from an upstairs back window, ran from the home and called police just before 3 a.m., said Cassidee Carlson, Aurora police spokeswoman.

The woman told police officers that she saw three “lifeless” bodies in the home. The woman was not injured by the jump or by gunshots.

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3 Responses to Another Massacre in Aurora

  1. Any word on what kind of weapon was used?

  2. I wonder how many people have to die before something is done about this.

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