Chris Christie Shames The GOP

UPDATED: Here is the full press conference for those interested:

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5 Responses to Chris Christie Shames The GOP

  1. I was always iffy about if I liked him, but I have to say he has done a tremendous job since Hurricane Sandy. I love that he is calling them out.

    BTW I wanted to ask if you’ve noticed an increase in views since using Twitter. For this blog I would add the following: #ChrisChristie #Congress #HurricaneSandy

    Make sure it is under 140 characters. Let me know if you have problems doing that. All you have to do click on the Twitter icon on your blog page (under view mode) at that point it allows you to type more if you want.

    • Thanks for asking. To be honest I haven’t really messed with Twitter too much. I’m going to add those hashtags in right now though. Thanks again. I definitely need to get better with that, though.

      • No problem. I was just curious as to how helpful Twitter is overall in terms of getting more views. I’ve always used almost every social media. So I wouldn’t know of an uptick.

      • I’m sure it’ll be helpful, I just need to get my butt in gear and use it more effectively. I tried to tie reason and politics into google +, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. It wanted me to add a plugin, which I have no idea how to do.

        Were you able to make it work alright?

      • We have a gmail email account exclusively for viewers to email us. From that we easily setup a Google + account. Then it was easy to link it. You just had to click on the link on your blog page and sign in.

        I have found google + to be more effective than Twitter in some cases. It’s not like I have a million followers on Twitter so using hash tags (i.e. ” #ChrisChristie) is prudent in using that feature. Otherwise it is difficult to randomly find your Tweet. Using hashtags groups those specific tweets and makes it easier for potential viewers to find your tweet.

        When you get a large following it wont matter as much.

        If you have any questions keep asking me. I dont mind. I’m working on a couple more blog posts at the moment.

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