Why Not Cut the Pentagon?

Andrew Sullivan asks the question, “Why is the Pentagon off the table?” Its a valid question. There is no doubt that out military budget is out of control, just like healthcare. The following graph shows adjusted for inflation defense spending. We are spending more now than during the Vietnam War or the Reagan buildup in the 80s.










So we are left with the question,”why can’t we cut this budget as well?” The answer? Powerful interests don’t want it. When the Army says they don’t need any more M1 Abrams tanks, Congress orders more anyway. This plays out over and over again, allowing an already bloated bureaucracy to become even more ungainly.

This would be a great cause for the Tea Party to take up. They already favor defense cuts in polling. I would love to see them take on an effort that was actually useful, instead of wearing funny hats and screaming about socialism.

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4 Responses to Why Not Cut the Pentagon?

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  2. I think one reason is that opponents will make it seem like those congressmen want to weaken our country (militarily) in a time of war (we are still technically at war)

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