Why Did Boehner’s “Plan B” Fail?

As usual, David Frum provides the most insightful analysis:

The defeat of Plan B leaves Republicans – all Republicans utterly defenseless against the onslaught to come.

Here’s what happens now.

1) President Obama goes on holiday.

2) December 31 arrives.

3) Taxes go up on everybody. Unemployment insurance ends. Sequester begins to go into effect.

4) Screams, howls.

5) President Obama returns to Washington, speaks to country from Oval Office or else summons special session, unveils the “Obama Tax Cut and Job Creation plan” featuring a whacking big tax cut for 98% of Americans.

6) Plan polls at 70% or better.

7) Republicans resist.

8) Republicans surrender.

9) Economy recovers, “morning in America,” Obama basks in glory in 2nd term.

That’s what those Republicans voted for when they rejected Plan B. Again, assuming they are not irrational, they must have had a motive. What?


For almost any given Republican, the best possible outcome of the Plan B negotiations would have been for Plan B to pass – but for that particular Republican to vote nay. The trouble was, that there were too many Republicans who wished to avail themselves of that outcome. They all rushed the exits together, and there was not enough room to accommodate the stampede. It’s a classic “prisoner’s dilemma” problem from political science, and the dilemma achieved its usual grim result.

The more haunting question is: why was this dilemma allowed to exist?

The prisoner’s dilemma arises, remember, because the prisoners have no way to make binding agreements. But the whole point of a political party is to overcome that dilemma, to create structures that reward cooperation and punish defection.

The deepest moral of the Plan B debacle is that those structures have broken down inside the GOP. And that’s a very scary moral indeed.

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5 Responses to Why Did Boehner’s “Plan B” Fail?

  1. uberspeck says:

    It’s a bit like watching lemmings follow each other off a cliff 😉

  2. uberspeck says:

    It’s a bit like watching lemmings following each other off a cliff isn’t it? 😉

  3. He is so right. This is exactly what is going to happen and once again the GOP will look like fools (at least in the media).

    • Bret says:

      As if Republicans or Democrats needed more help to look like fools? Lol. This failed because America voted almost perfectly to have the same 10% approval rating Congress it has had for the past four years. We get more facts from the media about an affair or some juicy tid bit of drama than we do anything else. Dont worry as soon as the next “Days of our lives” drama comes along the American people will no longer care about this. Get it over faster by finding something Nancy Grace can dramatize.

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