What is an AR-15 Style Assault Rifle?

The rifle used in the Newton, Connecticut school and the Aurora, CO theater massacres was the AR-15. With new calls for assault weapons bans sure to come, I thought I’d familiarize you with what exactly an AR-15 is. Everything in the following videos is completely legal to own.

The AR-15 rifle is the civilian model of the M-16 /M4 family of military riles. This is the primary infantry rifle in the US military.

The AR-15 can be fitted with ultra-high capacity magazines, such as the 100 round C-Mag. This magazine was used in the Aurora, CO theater shooting. It takes quite a while to eat through 100 rounds on semi-auto.

Even without a 100 round drum mag, the AR-15 can be quickly reloaded with 30 round box magazines. Here’s someone treating it like a toy:

It is simple to use and has light recoil. Here’s a child burning off 30 rounds.

These rifles and also be legally modified with “bump fire” triggers and stocks to increase their rate of fire to where a fully-automatic rifle would be. This rifle is still considered semi-automatic and requires no permit or extra background check.

Each of us must decide if we want a society where access to these firearms has less strings then a drivers licence. Much less.

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21 Responses to What is an AR-15 Style Assault Rifle?

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  4. Jarret R. says:

    These types of videos also appear to be public displays of attempted compensation. Seriously, you think the guy in the “zombie apocalypse” video could physically do anything to defend himself WITHOUT an assault rifle? I think that guns sometimes play the same role as trucks with oversize wheels and luxury sports cars: compensations for some deep-seated feelings of inadequacy.

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  7. I find these videos disturbing. The child firing that gun was disturbing. There is no reason why these guns should be legal. You can defend yourself with a handgun. Plus these guns weren’t invented when the 2nd amendment passed. I’ve never understood why they are legal

  8. john zande says:

    As an Australian watching all this I cannot for the life of me understand how assault weapons can be sold to civilians. 2nd Amendment? Sure, made sense in the day. What also made sense in that day was the solar system was the composite of the entire universe, markets could be a 3-day ride away, and the horse was the fastest form of communication. Constitutions are organic guidelines. I think Jefferson and Adams would be appalled at the arguments presented in this particular debate.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Australia has no gun ownership, correct? How controversial was that? I understand the government had buy back programs to compensate people.

      In the states, gun ownership is a symbol of freedom and independence. Particularly in the south. The problem with banning these guns is that we’d have to ban all semiautomatic rifles.

      • john zande says:

        True. After the Port Arthur massacre (35 dead) PM John Howard (a staunch Conservative) stepped forward and proposed the buy-back policy. Rural Australia didn’t like it but the law was passed. Farmers can still own rifles/shotguns, they just have to prove they’re farmers. The idea that Martin Bryant (the shooter) used an assault weapon (AK-47) was abhorrent to most Australians. Most, like myself, didn’t even know a civilian could even buy one, so despite the grumblings from those on the land the law was welcomed.
        Australia is a rational country with very little drama. The US seems to be the polar opposite on certain issues.
        I hope for all your sakes you come through this stronger as a nation.

      • This is an issue of almost religious significance to some Americans. Guns and their role in our nation’s history has a mythology of their own.

        To some here, all these tragedies are written off as, “the price of freedom.”

      • john zande says:

        Do these people consider a country like Australia or New Zealand shackled?

      • Oh yes. According to our right-wingers, you live in a socialist dystopia, devoid of freedom and happiness. Seriously.

        To them, Europe is even worse. They may as well still be behind the iron curtain, what with their universal healthcare and all.

      • john zande says:

        Head, meet hand… Facepalm! 🙂

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