Guns Don’t Kill People But They Make It Much Easier


There was another, lesser reported school attack on Friday. This attack occurred in Henan province, China. CNN reports:

Twenty-two primary school children were wounded in a knife attack Friday in central China, authorities said.

The attack took place at the entrance to the Chenpeng Village Primary School in Henan province, according to the public information department of Guangshan county, the area where the school is located. An adult was also wounded, it said.

Several of the children are in critical condition, the state-run website said, citing local authorities.

Police say they have detained a suspect, a 36-year-old man from the village, state media reported.

Twenty two were wounded, not killed. In Connecticut, 28 were killed, no one was just wounded.  That’s the difference guns, especially high powered semi-automatic rifles, can make in the hands of a madman.

The cliche’ arguments of “Guns don’t kill people,” and “he’d have found a way to kill even without guns,” needs to be put to rest. Guns make humans far more lethal than they would otherwise be. When infantry soldiers go into battle, what do they use as primary weapons? Firearms. The kind of firearms used by the shooter in Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO. They do not use knives, clubs, bats, or bad language.

When someone wants to kill lots of people quickly, with limited or no training, they use an assault rifle, not a knife.

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6 Responses to Guns Don’t Kill People But They Make It Much Easier

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  2. While I agree with you that knives aren’t really used to kill mass amounts of people I disagree with you on the cliches you pointed out. For example when Javon Belcher killed his girlfriend two weeks ago he very well could have strangled her or stabbed her to death.

    I do agree that guns unlike knives cause the most amount of damage to the most amount people in the least amount of time. Guns without a doubt are more lethal.

    • Jarret R. says:

      True, but if Javon Belcher had tried to strangle twenty-eight people, he might not have succeeded in such a goal.

      • Oh he most likely wouldn’t have succeeded. I am pro banning assault weapons. There is absolutely no reason that weapons used in wars should be legally and so easily sold in America. It is truly dumbfounding.

    • Thank you. I have written a few other gun related posts since the shooting if you care to take a look. I know all this from experience as I was an avid gun enthusiast. I still enjoy shooting, but this needs to stop. People need to be educated as to what these weapons can really do, and how lax our guns laws are. Thanks for reading.

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