Don’t Blame Chris Christie For Romney’s Defeat

Chris Christie has been taking a lot of heat for praising President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and is now being scapegoated as a reason for Mitt Romney’s loss. The New York Times reports:

…behind the scenes, the intensity of the reaction from those in Mr. Christie’s party caught him by surprise, interviews show, requiring a rising Republican star to try to contain a tempest that left him feeling deeply misunderstood and wounded.

The governor, who had spent days delivering bear hugs and words of sympathy to shellshocked residents, resented the pressure to choose between the state he loves with fervent, Springsteen-fueled ferocity and his future as a leader in the Republican Party.

In New Jersey, Mr. Christie’s politics-be-damned approach to the storm seemed to represent a moment of high-minded crisis management for a governor frequently defined by his public diatribes and tantrums. Mr. Christie locked arms with Mr. Obama, flew with him on Marine One, talked with him daily and went out of his way to praise him publicly as “outstanding,” “incredibly supportive” and worthy of “great credit.”

But in the days after the storm, Mr. Christie and his advisers were startled to hear from out-of-state donors to Mr. Romney, who had little interest in the hurricane and viewed him solely as a campaign surrogate, demanding to know why he had stood so close to the president on a tarmac. One of them questioned why he had boarded Mr. Obama’s helicopter, according to people briefed on the conversations.

Now he seen as a betrayer of conservatism by some:

His willingness to work closely with the president has cast a shadow over Mr. Christie’s prospects as a national candidate, prompting a number of Republicans to wonder aloud whether he is a reliable party leader.

“It hurt him a lot,” said Douglas E. Gross, a longtime Republican operative in Iowa who has overseen several presidential campaigns in the state. “The presumption is that Republicans can’t count on him.”

Republican voters in Iowa, the first state to select presidential candidates, “don’t forget things like this,” Mr. Gross said.

With Mr. Romney’s loss still an open sore, Mr. Christie’s conduct remains a topic of widespread discussion in the party.


These criticisms are preposterous. Romney’s loss rests entirely on himself and the far right-wing he pandered to during the campaign and primaries. I have already posted the most honest autopsy I could find and Christie was nowhere to be found. Those who would blame him are suffering from, “head in the sand syndrome,” and need to look in the mirror first when assigning blame.

It has been my opinion that Christie, a moderate by GOP standards, will most certainly let the right down when (and if) he ever runs for national office. He has the bluster and combativeness they like, but that is merely superficial. His policies are moderate as is his willingness to compromise with Democrats. These traits are sacrosanct in the orthodoxy that makes up the right nowadays.

Remember, in their eyes conservatism can never fail, only be failed.

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2 Responses to Don’t Blame Chris Christie For Romney’s Defeat

  1. It’s sad when wing nuts can be so divided by partisan lines in the midst of a devastating disaster like Sandy, and criticize a man for cooperating with the President just because they represent different parties.

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