Select-a-Pundit: Who Should Call it Quits?

Rod Dreher writing at The American Conservative has begun to create his “Dubya List:” those in punditry that should, like George W. Bush, mercifully remove themselves entirely from the public sphere.

Dick Morris is a conservative figure who really ought to never be heard from again. He’s a hack. I say give him a Dubya Award for Meritorious Service To The Conservative Movement, and push him off the stage. (“Meritorious” in the sense that, say, a boss who is firing an employee for screwing up makes an insincere but face-saving statement about how much the company has benefited from the employee’s service, and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors).

Which other prominent conservatives should get a Dubya? Newt Gingrich is one. He has nothing left to say or to do, except go on whatever the GOP version of the dinner theater circuit is, where celebrity has-beens go to live out their senescence. Karl Rove is another. Megyn Kelly, bless her, sealed Rove’s place on the Dubya List, when, listening skeptically on Election Night to Rove trying to spin bad Romney news into a GOP victory, said to him: “Is this just math you do to make yourself feel better as a Republican, or is this real?”

We need a lot more of the spirit of Megyn Kelly among public conservatives.

Now I open it to you? Who would you just love to never hear from again? Who should step forward? What voices, even if they used to be reliable observers, have lost the ability to be taken seriously and who remains as trustworthy political thinkers? I look forward to your comments.

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