Now the Real Work Can Resume

Congratulations to President Barack Obama on your reelection. This has been a grueling and sometimes ugly campaign (especially for swing state voters) and I’m sure everyone is glad for its conclusion.

Unfortunately, the celebration will be short. We now face a disaster of our own devising. The 2011 debt ceiling crisis, which was entirely manufactured by Tea Party zealots, left us with a fiscal time bomb: sequestration. In an effort to kick the can down the road a little bit more, our leaders negotiated a deal that would force them the make a deal; after the election, of course.

The result was something called sequestration. It allows the Bush tax cuts to expire and includes massive spending cuts to defense and non defense alike. It includes everything Democrats and Republicans hold dear. The logic behind it is that this option is so utterly unacceptable to all parties involved it would force our leaders to face out fiscal situation.

Now the time is upon us. Sequestration begins January 2nd. The election left us with basically the same balance of power.  Somehow, someway, our leaders must find a way to reach the ‘grand bargain’ that they failed to reach in 2011.

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