Oliver Stone Thinks Romney Will Establish a Military Dictatorship

Disclaimer: I usually don’t post this sort of nonsense, but the since Oliver Stone has a new “history” book out I felt compelled to post.

In an utterly mind-numbing interview with BuzzFeed, Oliver Stone explains what he thinks a Romney Presidency looks like. He thinks Romney will govern so badly that it will incite some sort of revolution:

MH: And back to Mitt Romney?

OS: [Not] unless you took the other argument, like, let’s go for it and trash the place. The changes will come faster, if you…the stupider you are, the more mistakes you make, the faster the changes.

MH: A vote for Mitt accelerates the collapse?

OS: You burn faster. The Roman legions who were sent to more and more ridiculous places to fight ridiculous wars became so corrupted, because they were paid to fight — the all-volunteer idea of the citizen army was dead —they became mercenaries, and eventually they appointed the emperors. They picked them. So it becomes an incestuous system. And there’s no reason to believe that this thing would not deteriorate between a Romney and a McCain into a system where [CIA chief and former general David] Petraeus becomes president by dictation, by appointment — I can see that happening without any problem — and [Admiral Stanley] McChrystal [ed.: former commander of American forces in Afghanistan] becomes his number two. And of course…the ultimate liberal nightmare is internment camps for all the intellectuals.

You read that correctly: Oliver Stone thinks Romney will somehow usher in a military dictatorship led by General David Petraeus which will intern all intellectuals. Do yourself a favor and skip the rest of the interview.

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2 Responses to Oliver Stone Thinks Romney Will Establish a Military Dictatorship

  1. Former President NIxon says:

    I guess Oliver Stone missed this one! (as expected). Petraeus was appointed by Obama, and obviously thought with his wrong head, but he was an excellent military man. Stone is edging to to being irrelevant with his absurdities.

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