Andrew Sullivan Calls it For Romney

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3 Responses to Andrew Sullivan Calls it For Romney

  1. Jarret R. says:

    Don’t know if you went to Obama’s Denver rally today, but I’m watching it now, and he’s immediately adopted a more critical tone, and in contrast to his pre-debate rallies, he’s calling out Romney by name rather than simply referring to him as “my opponent.” I suspect that he’ll adopt this more aggressive tone in the next debate. At least I hope so.

  2. Jarret R. says:

    Every time Sullivan does one of his live blogs, he goes into hysterics, only to cool off a few days later. That said, from a purely cosmetic angle, the President was a bit flat tonight. On actual substance, however, you know, the stuff that is supposed to matter, Romney proved to be perhaps the most wanton pathological liar every to run for a major party platform. Not only did he shamelessly repeat long-debunked lies like his “Obama will cut Medicare” B.S. (a platform which Paul Ryan ACTUALLY PROPOSED) he also reversed every position he’s run on over the last two years in the span of ninety minutes: now he likes regulations, education funding, and isn’t going to cut plutocrats’; taxes. Hell, the Mitt Romney of this debate was a LIBERAL. So while Obama appeared flat, its got to be unnerving going up against an opponent with no moral core to speak of, who brazenly lies repeatedly, and shows no remorse for it. Bottom line though, is that by the time all of these debates are finished, I predict Obama will still win, and he’ll do better in the next two debates, especially in the town hall setting. Romney, after all, is always entirely scripted, so his canned answers have their limits. Oh, and did you notice that CNN’s post-debate poll only sampled people who were over 50, white, and from the South? Now there’s a representative sample of the electorate. Finally, Sully old boy, have a drink and get back to us in a few days. ,

    • That is so true, but I guess its why I appreciate Sullivan so much. When you follow him, you get to watch him work out these issues in real time. He will certainly follow the pattern you described.

      Everything you said about Romney was spot on. This debate was the etch-a-sketch moment. His performance was catered to the center and his base wont care simply because the press has declared his victory. If he made these comments at any other point in the campaign the far right would freak out.

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