Meet The Press Was Actually Not Terrible This Morning

Typically, the Sunday news shows are terrible, particularly This Week and Meet The Press. I usually learn nothing from them as they consist of hollow talking points interviews and party line round-tables, devoid of content and policy.

This week’s interview was predictable meaningless, but the round-table discussion was something to behold. David Brooks, Joe Scarborough, Bay Buchanan, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, and fly on the wall Dee Dee Meyers. Bay Buchanan represented the Romney camp, Reed the Obama. Surprisingly (well, not that surprisingly) Brooks and Scarborough acted as the arbiters of B.S, attacking the candidates’ surrogates for their inept and hollow campaigns.

Buchanan, exasperated, tried to defend Romney’s horrible week but Scarborough and Brooks kept pressing her, demanding substance. Reed attempted to pile on her as well but the conservative tag-team pounced on him for Obama’s lack of details.

Where was David Gregory this whole time? Nowhere to been seen. Scarborough basically ran the table (he would make a great host once Morning Joe’s run is over).

At any rate, this week’s round-table was pretty good. Brooks and Scarborough were quite the team, and no one escaped their criticisms. Enjoy.

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