Libyan Ambassador Stevens is Remembered

The Daily Beast remembers Ambassador Stevens an accomplished diplomat and the best friend Libya had in the West.

The fanatics who assassinated America’s ambassador to Libya in Benghazi on Tuesday night are not only criminals—they are imbeciles.

A brilliant young diplomat as well as a courageous man of action, Christopher Stevens was one of Libya’s best friends and an important behind-the-scenes contributor to its liberation…

…The country he had so ardently defended and the city of Benghazi, which he had helped to save and he so loved, proved his undoing. Ten years after the death of Daniel Pearl, another American who respected Arabs and Muslims and who admired, like Christopher Stevens, the wisdom of true Islam, Stevens fell victim to the same fanaticism, the same blind and tragic barbarism. The United States has lost an ambassador. The Libyans have lost a companion and a friend. This time, the imbeciles have won.

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