President Obama’s Disappointing Speech

My first impression of Barack Obama’s DNC speech was to be underwhelmed. I had hoped the substance of his speech would somehow match his oratory ability. Sadly, I was wrong. Don’t misread me, the President did a passable job on delivering the speech. Its just that his lofty style wasn’t matched by actual policy details.

Right now our nation requires broad measures. We need substantial reform of our most precious institutions. Medical costs are going to bankrupt our government. Schools are failing our children. Our financial system still retains the ability to drag the world economy into a depression if their risky bets fail. Now is the time for lofty ideas that can make these institutions ready for the next 100 years.

The President did remind us of policies he implemented (while at the same time tipping his hat to every sub-group in the Democratic base). He did mention a few small policies that would be well received: more teachers and firefighters, building roads and bridges, etc. These are small measures, not bad ideas, but not transformative policies that will ready us for the future.

I hope at some point the two Presidential candidates will stop the charade and actually tell us what each of them will do. I am not hopeful this will happen, but would be delighted to be proved wrong.

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